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Get the most out of your Body Wraps!! Wraps are our signature service for skin toning and inch loss. How can you get the most benefits from this treatment?

Here are our top tips to help you prepare:

Before your appointment:

  • Feel free to eat or drink water prior to the wrap, but do not eat a large meal for at least 2 hours prior to the wrap.
  • Drink plenty of water and be well hydrated Pack your bag with some extra undergarments
  • Reduce or eliminate your intake of caffeine
  • Do not wear lotion, oil, or perfumes the day of the wrap.
  • Women should wear either a bikini bathing suit (non-slick) or cotton panties and a wireless bra for the wrap. (varying on which body part you are wrapping)

After your appointment:

  • Bring dry undergarments to wear after your wrap
  • Keep drinking LOTS of water to flush out more toxins
  • Plan on waiting until the day after your wrap to take a shower. The minerals still work through your skin for 48 hours after the wrap. Many people report feeling better and slimmer the day after the wrap.
  • Use soap on your face and private areas and leave the rest to have more time for detoxing
  • If you want to have a bath, consider purchasing one of our bentonite bath bombs or bath salts to help prolong the detoxification process
  • Limit your intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and fried foods
    Skip the lotion and body cream
  • Book your next body wrap appointment for 3-4 weeks from now

Best Results:

  • Stay hydrated!
  • Combine Contouring Body Wraps with Eurowave sessions
  • 2-3 Sessions is best to start seeing results
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and there are no dumb questions so please ask us!

Combining Treatments for even more dramatic results.

The Contouring Body Wraps can be used as an independent treatment or in conjunction with the EUROWAVE. When combined with Eurowave treatments a unique synergy occurs and the results of the two combined treatments are astounding. When following our one month program (3 x TBT Contouring Wraps and 20 x Eurowave Sessions) clients have regularly lost between 20 – 30” in the month.

We want you to have the best possible results from your contouring body wrap. Feel free to ask questions before, during or after your treatment… because when you feel good, we feel great!

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