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Laser hair removal

We provide a high-quality, pain-free laser hair removal using Alma Soprano Laser, the most complete and effective laser hair removal solution available today.


Smart Technology is Everywhere, steadily transforming our world into a better place. But body contouring has been stuck in the past.

Oxygenating facials

For the oxygenating facial, a machine sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin using a stream of pressurized oxygen.

Detoxifying weight loss wraps

These are ideal for anxious brides that are desperate to lose inches before the big day or simply just wanting a detox, or for moms who want to improve the appearance of saggy skin after weight release or pregnancy.

Prp facials

This treatment involves the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) being separated from the blood with a centrifuge. This plasma is then used to increase healing and stimulate your own natural growth

botox and fillers

As we age, the volume and structure of our skin changes. Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in our skin. Dermal fillers are used to replace our skin’s loss of volume and structure as we get older.


Threading is a gentle hair removal technique using thread that’s been practiced for centuries. Threading is a gentle hair removal technique using thread that’s been practiced for centuries.

body massage

Come visit us during our opening hours for a relaxing and peaceful deep tissue body massage. Our trained masseuse will relieve your stress.


Waxing is a popular method of semi-permanent hair removal. It’s perfect for eliminating unwanted hair quickly and efficiently.

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At Breeze Laser & Medi-Spa, we offer a wide range of treatments and use the most up-to-date and effective techniques and equipment. We have an experienced team of qualified professionals dedicated to helping you to achieve your health and wellness objectives.

Our valued clients are always of the greatest importance to us and we determine which of our many treatments is right for you.

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