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We provide a high-quality, pain-free laser hair removal using Alma Soprano Laser, the most complete and effective laser hair removal solution available today.

Ideal for all skin tones and hair types

Soprano ICE incorporates the benefits of a variety of wavelengths and technologies, providing a customized treatment session for every patient. This simple, one-stop solution for hair removal caters to your specific needs, while being virtually painless.

SHR Technology gradually heats the skin to a temperature that damages the individual hair follicles, preventing hair from growing back. The sweeping in-motion technique keeps the laser moving continually, ensuring full coverage of the treatment area and improving results with shorter treatment times.

Benefits of the
Alma Soprano Laser


Virtually painless hair removal


Proven safety record


Quick treatment


All skin tones, even tanned skin


Touchable smooth, hair-free skin


No downtime


Perfect for all areas of the body


Face and Neck

Keep clean and fresh by keeping your lines neat and tidy. Remove hair from around the eyes, unibrow, neckline, and back of the neck


Be utterly carefree and lift up your arms without worrying if you’ve shaved your armpits. The treatment can help lighten dark underarms or relieve skin irritation resulting from shaving.

Half Arms

Show off those biceps or forearms and remove unwanted arm hair from the elbow down to the wrist or from the shoulder to the elbow.

Full Arms

Remove unwanted hair from the shoulder down

Half Legs

This includes the knees so that you never need to worry about shaving your knees or legs again. Remove unwanted hair from the knees down.

Full Knees

Who likes short shorts? If you do, then you can remove all hair from your upper thigh down.


Look back at it! Remove unwanted back hair from your shoulders to your hip line

French Bikini

It’s always a bikini day with a French bikini. The treatment removes hair from outside your panty line and part of your upper thigh


Like bare underwear? This eliminates all unwanted hair from the front, middle, and back.

Full Body

This one represents the best value. Remove unwanted hair on five large areas of the body, such as the back, chest, abs, arms, and legs, and receive a huge discount!



Face and Neck

Remove your moustache, sideburns, unibrow and unwanted hair along your face and neckline.

Back (Upper or Lower Half)

Remove your upper hair patches or lower back patch.

Full Back

Show off your back by removing all unwanted hair from shoulders to waist-line.

Chest and Abdomen

Remove hair from your front neckline down to waistline and be summer-ready all year long.


Remove hair from under the pec above to the neckline


Remove hair from the torso down to waist-line

Full Legs

Remove hair from the thigh down to your ankles.

Full Body

Remove unwanted hair on 5 large body parts and receive a huge discount! 

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