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High Frequency Treatment

If you’re looking for instantly energized, firm skin, the high-frequency treatment is the right choice for you.

During the high-frequency treatment, enriched oxygen molecules which have an antibacterial action are produced. The reaction causes a natural contraction of underlying blood vessels, pushing away toxins. This enriches the cells in your skin and adds hydrating volume. The blood circulation and cell renewal aids in the support of increased levels of collagen and elastin. Restoring the skin’s health, these facials are considered a gentle approach to skin rejuvenation.


This rejuvenating treatment: closes open pores, lightens dark under eye circles, lightens scars and skin discolourations and pigmentation. (30 minutes)



-Effective Acne Treatment

-Reduce enlarged pores

-Decrease the appearance of puppy eyes

-Fades Dark under eye circles

-Reducing the appearance of cellulite

-Improves scalp receptiveness

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