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Can I exercise or swim after my Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

You cannot exercise for 24 hours after laser hair removal, because the skin is at risk of increased irritation after treatment. As laser hair removal works on the key principle of using a targeted heat source (in this case – the laser) to destroy the hair follicle deep beneath the skin’s surface, after treatment the body will have retained some of this heat in the skin and the skin must be allowed to return to normal before performing any strenuous exercise.When we perform strenuous exercise the body’s temperature increases and we naturally produce sweat that contains natural body salts.

This increase in body temperature and the addition of sweat will cause irritation and sensitivity on the treatment area, especially in the 24 hours after laser treatment.You cannot go swimming for at least 24 hours after laser hair removal treatment. Unlike other strenuous exercises we do not sweat as the body is kept cool by the surrounding water.

The problem with swimming after laser hair removal is that in most cases the water contains corrosive agents that can irritate the skin. Sea salt in the sea and chlorine in all public swimming pools can cause issues of skin sensitivity and it is best to allow the skin’s natural protective layer to recover after laser treatment before going swimming.

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