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Body Wraps

Fast, effective and sustainable inch loss through detoxification.

A unique all-natural mineral mixture in which bandages are pre-soaked and then applied warm to the body to give a fast effective and sustainable inch loss through detoxification.

The predominantly bentonite mixture acts like a giant magnet when applied topically to the skin, drawing toxins from the interstitial fluid surrounding the fat cells.

The treatment time for the Total Body Transformation Contour Wrap is two hours. During this time you can read a book or take a snooze. The more relaxed you are during the treatment time the more encouraged the body is to release those unwanted toxins.

Bentonite has been used for centuries because of its healing properties and fabulous results, which is why it is the key ingredient in the mixture. You can lose those inches in abdomen, bum, thighs, arms, and chest this is a perfect treatment for delivering hydrated and soft skin, with a visible inch loss usually around 8 – 10”.

We can help all sizes; large and petite. From brides desperate to lose inches before the big day or simply just wanting a detox, or mom’s who want to improve the appearance of saggy skin after weight release or pregnancy. Men too also enjoy their immediate toning and tightening benefits. Whatever the reason this treatment is a sure-fire winner for guaranteed results.


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