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About Breeze Laser

Breeze Laser & Medi-Spa was established by a group of dedicated and highly professional women who love beauty, fitness, and overall just feeling fabulous. We were extremely tired of wasting our time on very expensive treatments that never seemed to deliver the results we wanted. We therefore decided to start our own business in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. At our fabulous spa facility, we consistently work to improve your overall lifestyle and appearance from the inside out. We do this by providing you with the finest services that are ideally suited to reaching your personal goals, incorporating a variety of innovative treatments designed to inspire your confidence.

At Breeze Laser & Medi-Spa, we specialize in laser hair removal, skin care, weight loss treatments, and body contouring, employing the most modern and effective tools that are currently available.

We offer a range of treatments, from waxing all the way to injectables. We’re also proud to offer non-invasive body contouring with SculpSure, the world’s most innovative laser. In addition, we offer a range of skin care services, from anti-aging procedures to dealing with acne and pigmentation issues.

At Breeze Laser & Medi-Spa

our team of highly trained professionally personnel all pride themselves on their exceptional levels of service. We’re fully committed to employing the finest and very latest equipment that will give you the desired results, ensuring that we’re always competitively priced, and our customers always remain our foremost priority.

Breeze Laser

201-31205 Maclure Road, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5E5

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